Our objective was clear; to design the most efficient drivetrain imaginable. Partnering with the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Colorado, we have created a drive shaft concept that utilises 21 CeramicSpeed Bearings and sets a new benchmark as the world’s most efficient drivetrain.

CeramicSpeed utvikler et kjedeløst drivverk

Drivverket er nå forbedret og fungerer slik det var planlagt. Se https://www.ceramicspeed.com/en/d2/

The prototype is a driven 13-speed pinion drive shaft concept, which swaps derailleurs and chains for a drive shaft that it claims provides 49% less friction with a near 99% efficient drivetrain.

Eurobike Award Winner 2018

Driven has been awarded The Eurobike Award, one of the most recognised design awards in the bike industry. 366 entries were assessed and evaluated by an independent panel of expert judges. The original prototype will be displayed at CeramicSpeed’s Eurobike stand B3-205 from 8th to 10th July 2018.

Kilde: CeramicSpeed.com

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